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ABGESAGT: In Vivo Magnetic Resonance – Recent Methods and Advances

  • 02. April 2020  |  09:00 Uhr
  • Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
    Alfons-Goppel-Straße 11
    80539 München
    Sitzungssäle, 1. Stock
  • Since its foundations, the field of in vivo magnetic resonance has progressed from anatomical to physiological, functional and molecular imaging thereby yielding unprecedented nondestructive insights into the human body. Still, innovative novel technologies that enhance sensitivity, exploit fast acquisition schemes or benefit from artificial intelligence approaches continue to arise leading to novel applications such as assessment of perfusion, microstructure, metabolism and connectivity. In this workshop, both experts in the field of in vivo magnetic resonance and junior scientists present research highlights in the field of in vivo magnetic resonance.
  • Wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung
  • Franz Schilling (Technical University of Munich), Markus Nilsson (Lund University), Dimitrios Karampinos (Technical University of Munich), Marion Menzel (GE Healthcare), Björn Menze (Technical University of Munich), André Martins (University of Tübingen), Valentin Riedl (Technical University of Munich), Moritz Zaiss (FAU Erlangen), Kevin Brindle (University of Cambridge, CRUK), Axel Haase (Technical University of Munich)
  • Registration until 19.3.2020 via e-mail. Participation is free of charge but limited to 60 persons.
  • schilling@tum.de
  • We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the DFG through the Collaborative Research Centre 824 – Imaging for Selection, Monitoring and Individualization of Cancer Therapies (SFB 824)