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In Vivo Magnetic Resonance – Recent Methods and Advances

  • 06. Mai 2021  |  09:00 Uhr
  • Fifty years ago in 1971, Dr. Paul Lauterbur pioneered the idea of spatial encoding of magnetic resonance signals. Since its foundations, the field of in vivo magnetic resonance has progressed from anatomical to physiological, functional and molecular imaging thereby yielding unprecedented non-destructive insights into the human body. Still, innovative novel technologies that enhance sensitivity, exploit fast acquisition schemes or benefit from artificial intelligence approaches continue to arise leading to novel applications such as assessment of perfusion, microstructure, metabolism and connectivity. In this workshop, both experts in the field of in vivo magnetic resonance and junior scientists present research highlights in the field of in vivo magnetic resonance.
  • Wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung
  • Registration Until 04.05.2021 via the following link: https://bit.ly/3qFvX0W Participation is free of charge but limited to 500 persons
  • Junges Kolleg: Franz Schilling